Friday, September 02, 2005

Stop The Rumors

The State Police have issued a warning to the media to Stop the Rumors. There have been NO riots at the Centroplex or the Cajundome and there is NO sudden rise in robberies or carjacking in Acadiana. They are asking the media not to broadcast unconfirmed rumors of civil unrest and, instead to "dispel these rumors." This is good advice for citizens as well as media.

I have spent most of my days recently in the Cajundome with the refugees and I cannot tell you how angry it makes me to hear what some people are saying in response to our neighbors in need. These are people who have been subjected to the greatest losses imaginable and have reacted with calmness and good will that is a testament to all that is human. They are unfailingly polite and kind to each other and have been nothing but good to the volunteer staff at the ad hoc computer center LCT and the tech community has set up in the dome. Stunningly, unbelieveably, they are sympathetic with us when we can't figure out how to help them find the information they so desperately need.

We would all do well to turn off CNN's endless replays of sensational footage, to tune out the whackos on talk radio, to flick the channel on the empty-headed local news readers and to get ourselves to local shelters to help out people who are just like us and could have been us if that storm had moved a few degrees west.

Stop the Rumors

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