Monday, December 12, 2005

Bell Companies Playing Emperor Slammed in Denver

Couldn't have said it any better. And I won't even try. These are the highlights of the text...get the full story at "Broadband access for all communities"

My highlights:
Qwest is telling us that it wants special new rules to allow it to provide competitive cable television service. But what the company is not telling us is that it doesn't want to serve most of our neighborhoods - not unless, of course, you live in the most elite areas.

That's right. Qwest and its sister Bell telephone monopolies - SBC, Verizon and BellSouth - are seeking exemptions from time-honored civil rights laws that require companies providing cable services to serve all neighborhoods in their service area. The telephone companies - whose networks were built with more than a century of government subsidies and handouts - now want our local lawmakers to bless a business plan that will largely exclude African-American, Hispanic and working-class communities from the latest 21st century advanced broadband services...

The truth is that here in Denver and elsewhere, there are no restrictions to the telephone companies competing on equal footing against satellite and cable television carriers.

Congress granted them authority to compete for television service in 1996, but they've been sitting on the sidelines waiting for congressional authority to discriminate in their rollout of service...

What really motivates the Bells is an idea that they can pick and choose which communities get competition in broadband services and which don't. And that is not competition. It's a monopolist playing emperor.
He's right and there's no need to mince words.

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