Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Christmas Humor

Lafayette Coming Together announced a new campaign today aimed at getting the incumbents but especially BellSouth to leave us alone and let us go about our buiness. The idea is to turn a little bit of the at frustration and anger over BellSouth's continued attempts to block what the people of Lafayette have decided to do into humor. And the humor into letters to BellSouth and our legislators asking them to give us a break.

The first round of the campaingn is a series of virtual "Christmas Cards" ostensibly from BellSouth. They songs are hilarious and depict BellSouth saying what it means. You can imagine. But why imagine? Sing along:
(To the Tune of Dashing through the snow)

Pushing through the polls,
in a most disgusting way,
through the voter rolls,
saying what we may.
Spreading fear and lies,
is what we're all about,
hoping you're not smart or wise
enough to know our shout:
Fear and Dread! Fear and Dread!
Doomsday will be here!
If you vote for fiber then,
your city we will smear.
And it gets better after that.

Inspiring, No?
A Poet? Send in your lyrics! Or post 'em in the comments. (I'm looking for some from our point of view!)

Christmas not your thing? Surely someone can do something good with the tune from Jolie Blonde or Greensleaves or something truly whacky.

They'll be posted to Kris Kingle's site as they are released. And you can get some background on the campaign at the LCT site.

Collect all seven canille little films.


Anonymous said...

As a citizen of Lafayette, I find it very tasteless that you used CHRISTmas carols in this manner.


John said...

Chad (who? Last name please.)

Lighten up fella. Itsa joke. A pointed joke but a joke. A moment's reflection will lead you to the conclusion that the pops songs we've used are the most secular in the pantheon. Jingle Bells? Come on.

More to the point, what about the point? Do you think BellSouth ought to be doing what they're doing?

John St. Julien