Monday, February 13, 2006

"Bell South doesn't care about geek people"

OK, so I missed this one initially. Mea culpa. I may not be fast but my net eventually catches most all . . . .
Lafayette hit the front page of Digg last week. (They're the first site to give Slashdot a run for their money as the geek news website leader. A huge number of tech types visit there daily.) The story was highly dug . . . meaning folks found it interesting and recommended it. Then, the next day, Gizmodo -- the place to graze the latest gadgets -- picked up the story. Those two sites are huge, and between them it means that an awful lot of tech types saw the tale of Lafayette's struggle.

The Digg article, Bell South doesn't care about geek people, is short, but the most interesting part is the comments -- which go on forever. What's caught my attention is the vitriol expressed in regard to BellSouth and Cox and the sympathy expressed for Lafayette.

Locals showed some healthy participation on the site, so for extra entertainment you can try to puzzle out who the commenters are.

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