Monday, February 20, 2006

BellSouth to N.O.'s Mid-City: 'Yes, We Have You No Dial Tone!'

WWL-TV's Action Reporter, Bill Capo, has posted a story on the station's website that reports on how the lack of phone service in the Mid-City area of New Orleans is hampering recovery efforts there.

Seems our friends at BellSouth are having trouble recovering from the Katrina disaster, too. But, nearly six months after the storm, as families and businesses have cleaned out the flood debris, restored their buildings, and committed to move forward, BellSouth's inability to deliver phone service has emerged as a serious impediment to the recovery of New Orleans, particularly areas like Mid-City (the area around the intersection of Carrollton and Canal streets).

The businesses there are primarily small businesses, the kind that have the strongest commitments to neighborhoods, employees and communities.

BellSouth's spokesman says that reports of no phone service until June are "a worst case scenario."

A brother of mine works for a New Orleans social service agency that is located on Canal Street, much closer to the central business district than Mid-City. They still don't have phone service and have been told it will be months before they get it.

Sure, they're rebuilding the network, but it seems that if doing this was a real priority there would have been significantly more progress than there has been.

Maybe if they put some of those Baton Rouge lobbyists on their payrolls to work doing real work this could move a little faster? ;-)

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John said...


You get the same story in New Orleans East...see the story at:

Search down to the section labled "Out of service." There are businesses waiting for phone service to open and others that are open but whose service suffers for the lack. Cell phones are just not an adequate substitute.