Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Standing Up--Layne St. Julien

In response to a recent anti-fiber letter Layne St. Julien defends LUS against the charge of "breaking the law" saying, among other things, that:
LUS' interpretation of what is permissible under the act is not in any way odd and is apparently shared by the law's author, the court that heard the case first, the Public Service Commission, and probably even Cox (who helped write the legislation but who did not join in BellSouth's lawsuit).
She closes with a plea to stop with the sour grapes and get on with working for the good of our community.

I wouldn't want to disagree with any of that.


GumboFilé said...

You don't dare disagree ;)


John said...


You take my (somewhat subtle) meaning exactly. :-)

For those not in on the small joke: Layne is my wife.