Thursday, March 16, 2006

Advertiser on the Repeal Bills

The Advertiser weighs in today with its story on the repeal bills prefiled by Joel Robideaux in the Louisiana House. Tailor's story adds an interview with LUS director Huval to the information already reported in the Advocate and here:
Huval said Wednesday that abolishing the Fair Competition Act is necessary because agreements made during the many hours of negotiating the legislation have not been honored by BellSouth.

Since LUS moved forward with its telecommunications project, BellSouth and others have tried to find ways not to honor their agreements, he said.

'As a result, the act known as the Local Government Fair Competition Act has been abused to become an unfair act in that it has made it very costly and time-consuming to move forward with a project the citizens of Lafayette have said that they want,' Huval said.
I wish we'd been given a little more detail on just what Huval was thinking of when he said that BellSouth had not honored their agreements. BellSouth, more than Cox, has managed to generate a lot of bad blood since this battle began. What we hear repeatedly is that the lawsuits have been based on issues that the legislators all (including the "author" Ellington) agreed had been settled--in the way that LUS has suggested. Much of the hope of repeal, I'd think, lies in getting our legislators to say so plainly to their colleagues. Nobody likes to have their trust abused and the legislature has been used by the incumbents. They'd not feel free to do so if they didn't feel they had the necessary few in their pocket and that the rest would be to distracted by other concerns to notice.

It'd be nice to prove them wrong for a change. You could help things along by writing your state legislator and letting them know you support repeal. The state offers up a plain but efficient page that helps find your legislators' addresses.

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