Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Phone Company Supports Muni Broadband...

...provided it gets the contract.

Apparently AT&T (who is in the midst of buying out our very own BellSouth) is ok with 'tax-supported" muni broadband as long as it is the cable company has to contend with "unfair competition."

TechDirt has the story of the phone company standing tall for its principles when offered a little green by the Chicago suburb of Bedford Park to provide free muni broadband to its residents.

Just in case anyone really thought that phone company was concerned about principle when they wax histrionic about the inherent unfairness of tax-supported broadband and the inherent value of free enterprise competition...that was when they weren't able to make money off the concept.

Remind you of another company's little bit of "free enterprise" hypocrisy? Me too.

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