Sunday, April 16, 2006

Where Two or Three are Gathered; The Threefold Cord

On Sundays I sometimes offer up something for folks to read that's more of a thought piece. This Easter I'd like to share a piece that, in my mind at least, has a lot to do with both the day and with broadband in Louisiana. (Bear with me!)

You'll see the author's not Christian... but does subscribe to the concept that two or three gathered with common faith and purpose can accomplish great things. He cites Ecclesiastes rather than Matthew but the underlying theme is familiar. You'll also see that he's talking most immediately about wireless. For most of our country, without the resources of a strong local public utility, wireless is the last, best hope for communities being able to control their own communications destiny. Lafayette is a little luckier but the hope is similar.

The author, Feld, suggests that we can change the world. And that we should. And that we shouldn't at any point be embarrassed by the belief or the effort. That's worth considering today.

It's not an easy read because in the end the object Feld leads us to examine isn't the usual "look at this thing over here in this way;" instead you end up looking at yourself. Never comfortable; often valuable.

Harold Feld's "My speech from the Community Wireless Conference"

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