Monday, June 12, 2006

GameCamp is back!

GameCamp is back! The Advertiser has a nice article on it this morning.
Kids itching to get a feel for the video game industry can rejoice - GameCamp! is returning to the University of Louisiana on July 9-16.

For the second year, GameCamp! will educate kids on the inner workings of the video game industry through experienced guest speakers and hands-on development.

Gaming is serious business as well as serious fun. Some estimates have the game market worth more than the movie market these days and with Lafayette is uniquely positioned to take advantage of an industry that is still coming together.
Last year, GameCamp! media consultant and Lafayette native Joe Castille pitched his hometown as a potential host city to Zuzolo. After one visit, the president decided GameCamp! could form quite a symbiotic relationship with the city.

"Lafayette is like a mini-Austin," Castille said. "There's all this incredible culture, there's great nightlife, they're trying to do something with fiber and there's a good body of tech-savvy people."

I'm not all that thrilled at being compared to Austin. (Have you been to Austin recently?) But I do understand the point being made: Lafayette's got a lot going for it--these days you've got to have both the culture and the technology to make a place attractive to creative types. Lafayette has a shot a developing a real industry nucleus.

If you know a kid that would like to get into this -- and its hard to find kids today that wouldn't--I understand they've still got a few slots they're willing to fill. At least that's what a casual conversation with Joe Castille at a local coffee shop over the weekend revealed. It should be a great experience.

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