Friday, July 07, 2006

Municipal broadband and wireless map

CNet, back when it did it's article on municipal broadband, produced a nifty map of all the public municipal telecom projects in the country. It was a great idea. Trouble was it wasn't all that accurate on day one and rapidly became outdated to the point of being misleading.

It was a poster child for the consistent web problem of not updating or taking down pages with rapidly changing data.

That's changed--at least for now. The page has been updated, it appears to be basically accurate about what it references for those areas that I know something about (for instance Louisiana is now listed as a state with a restrictive law and it catches some obscure rural wifi attempts). And, happily, the page now contains a "last updated" tagline which will allow future users who stumble across it to know the age of the data.

Take a look, you'll be surprised at how many projects there are...not everyone is willing to wait for the big boys to come in to offer the service they need.

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