Saturday, August 05, 2006


Try opening this in a new window. Come on, it's an experiment... Leave it somewhere where you can watch as it loads. It should add some interest to what follows.


It's worth taking an occasional break from analysis of fiber-related issues in Lafayette to look at things that one can do with all that connectivity. In the past that's included web-based applications such ad video editing that push the edge of current network capacity.

But there also some "tools" out there that surprise us in the use they make of the the complexity of the web. My son recently sent me a link to a fascinating example that combines art, google image search, some arcane programming, and the topics of user's "dreams" to produce utterly unique sets of drawings the author (artist?) calls "dreamlines."

The artist describes his work on a concept page that makes it clear that he is inspired by work in universities on perception, emergence, and the interplay of simple rules to create complex results. But for the rest of us the real point is that he gives us access to something that wouldn't exist, couldn't exist even in its raw materials, if it weren't for the web. It's also something that would load faster and run better if we all had big bandwidth. (See, I connected it back to the blog topic.)

Play with it. That's what Saturdays are for: messing around. You can start your own dream by filling in the blank on his access page.

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