Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Eastin Resigns Suit!!

The word is out that Matthew Eastin has resigned from Pendley lawfirms' class action lawsuit.

Here's the way his request to resign the suit is worded in the motion to dismiss.
Appellant Mathew B. Eastin prays that his Motion to Voluntarily Dismiss Appeal, at his cost, be granted, and that the Court strike his name from the record.
Translanted from the legalese: Get me out of this and, please, take my name off this thing.

It's now down to Elizabeth Naquin...the mystery woman who moved here from Florida. It's been surprisingly hard for the incumbents to find agents to do their work in this town. Most folks, no matter what their vote on the fiber referendum, aren't going to act to frustrate the decision of their community. It's still a small town in that respect.

That seems like a good thing to me. It's cost us all too much already.


Anonymous said...

so with enough intimidation any citizen can be made to give up on their rights of due process of law. I bet your mother is proud of you.

John said...

Pray spare me the cowardly anonymous potshots.

Until Matthew Eastin describes for himself BOTH why he got into the mess AND why he got out of it I'm going to assume that he had an attack of conscience. And think the better of him for it.

People who are doing the right thing are willing to own up to it and explain why they think it necessary -- especially if what they are attempting to do is overide the well-articulated judgment of their neighbors and impose unnecessary expenses on them.

On the other hand, folks who know they are doing the wrong thing hide their reasons--and when they can, their name.