Wednesday, August 02, 2006

"Fiber plaintiff wants out" Update

From the Advertiser:
Eastin filed a motion with the Third Circuit Court of Appeal in Lake Charles asking that he be dismissed as a plaintiff, said City-Parish Attorney Pat Ottinger...

"I don't know the reasons he got out," City-Parish President Joey Durel said of Eastin. "Whatever his reasons, he was able to finally tell an attorney he doesn't want to be part of something that is bad for his community."

Eastin's withdrawal from the appeal to the Third Circuit does not negate that appeal, according to the motion filed by attorneys Patrick Pendley and Stan Baudin of Plaquemine and Andre Laplace and Christopher Shows of Baton Rouge.

That pretty much tells the story. Eastin has withdrawn, the lawsuit goes on.

The hearing on the Naquin-Eastin lawsuit will be held tomorrow and a decision rendered within the week.

Update: Though it's not online the Advocate also has a brief story on Eastin dropping out of the suit. Blanchard, the Advocate reporter, exchanged emails with Eastin's attorney who says:
"He asked us to dismiss him from the suit for personal reasons."
(I wrote briefly on this yesterday and linked to a pdf of the motion to voluntarily dismiss there.)


Anonymous said...

Whoever the administrator is on this website should step up and let the people read the postings that were removed.

John said...

I'm the administrator who removed some postings...2 or 3...that were both offensive and anonymous.

I'll continue to do so.

Anonymous said...

You are associated with some very bad people and you are doing anything you can to protect them.

John said...

This is exactly the sort of BS that we got during the fiber fight. Vauge anonymous accusations. Encouragement to fear our fellow citizens.

Always put forward by people whose courage and certainty seldom extended to their being willing to put their name to their drivel.

I am under no obligation to provide a forum for annoymous jerks of ANY persuasion and anyone who has followed the blog knows this is NOT a new policy...I hardly think yanking trash talk off my site amounts to encouraging people to talk trash.

Quite the opposite.

Anonymous said...

Funny how this new BLOGG POLICY surfaces when the trash talk orginates from the bedfellows of your worship!! Protecting those you sold your soul to???

Anonymous said...

Eastin didn't just decide to quit last night. He was forced out of the suit and the post from your site days ago tells me there were some evil people behind his action and they are the same evil people you are protecting by pulling the comments. This makes you an evil person. You make me sick!!!!

GumboFilé said...

John and I are on opposite sides of the LUS fiber issue but I'm with him on this. There are plenty of blogs out there that allow no response. Bottom line, this blog is John's domain and he owe's nothing to his readers, especially anonymous accusers. I'm as interested in anybody to know if, in fact, Eastin was coerced. I'm also skeptical of rumor and innuendo, especially if posted anonymously.

David Hays
Grand Coteau

John said...

Thanks David, I appreciate the words of support.

Anon, I fail to see how refusing to give a platform to people that you consider "evil" is supporting them. I would think that you'd not want me--or anyone--to give them a forum to promote what you call "evil."

And for record--my not allowing trash talk, especially by anonymous people is very far from a new policy.