Friday, September 15, 2006

Matthew Eastin apologizes; Questions remain

Good for Matt: According to an Advocate story Matthew Eastin of lawsuit fame has apologized to the Mayor and the city for delaying the construction of the city's fiber-optic network:

About two weeks after stepping down from the communications bonds suit, Eastin wrote to Durel, saying he was not aware when the first suit was filed that “the city-parish would be pledging the monies in controversy for the fiber-optic project.”

“It was never my intention to delay the fiber-optic project,” Eastin wrote.

Without a lawsuit challenging the bonds, LUS officials have said, LUS could be proceeding on the project already.

“Once again, I ask you to accept this letter as a formal apology to you, personally, and to the citizens of the City of Lafayette for any delays I may have contributed to with regards to the fiber-optic project,” Eastin wrote.

That's pretty stand up. Matthew is to be congratulated.

Apologies are intended to put matters to rest and this one goes a fair distance toward doing that. His participation in these lawsuits delayed a project desired by the community and that delay has caused substantial financial loses to the community. An apology is appropriate--especially if the injury was unintended.

This article raises questions about the administration--why did it wait so long in replying to Eastin's apology and what about the earlier apology that the letter hints at?

But real questions remain to be answered by Eastin before his part in it can be laid to rest. Why did he join a suit at all if not to block the fiber project? (No one else had any doubts as to why these suits were brought.) Recall this is the second suit; an earlier very similar one failed. Was he unaware that blocking the bond issue was a part of both suits? Was it not apparent that merely bringing suit would block the fiber project? Eastin has apparently not resigned his role in the rates lawsuit that gives grounds for the lawsuit he has dropped. Why does he remain a part of the suit that gives grounds for the lawsuit if he no longer wants to stop LUS? What did his lawyers tell him about all this?

Most crucially: how was he recruited to the lawsuit? Did he pay for it? If not, WHO DID?

A full apology requires coming clean...The mayor has offered the traditional Acadian peace pipe: a sit down cup of coffee. He ought to take him up on that. And come clean with Durel and the people of Lafayette.

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