Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Lafayette on PBS--"The Net at Risk"

Don't miss tonight's airing of Bill Moyer's new series On America. Tonight's show is "The Net at Risk" and one segment, "Community Connections," features Lafayette's fiber fight. It is showing at 8:00 our time on KLPB--it's don't miss TV.

I was part of the group interviewed for the show but have no idea whether or not any portion with me in it onto the show. But I can say that the talked to the right people about this and have all the tools to tell our story well. The short teaser to this segment that is on their website hints at their doing an really good job of focusing on the community aspects of the story.

Moyer's new series is focused on what I'd be tempted to call "citizenship" issues. It's good stuff and he encourages people to act on what they've learned by examining the issues before the country. It's interesting to me that a journalist of Moyer's stature understands the importance of the net to the future of real communities. This whole area should be a much greater concern for national politics than it is.

You might also notice Mike Stagg in this piece--don't know if his interview segments made it either but Mike (a principal on this cite) was also interviewed. Mike's also running for Congress from the 7th District. Mike was a leader in the fiber fight and his toughness is in no small part of the victory there. When "smart money" was hanging back and waiting for the local "big dogs" to step up (they never did so usefully) Mike stepped up. In the end Lafayette did what few outside our community thought was possible: won against two of the nations largest and most politically powerful monopolies. That win was historic. If technology and net neutrality is your issue--or if you think the fiber campaign was a great thing for Lafayette, Mike should be your guy. You couldn't want a better candidate in Congress for these issues. Wouldn't it be fun to have a the best informed congressman on tech issues come from Louisiana? That'd confuse some people.

(Wanna know about other issues? See then hop over to Boustany's site and see if you can figure out his position on any issue.)

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