Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Media Reports the Bond Appeal

Both the Advocate and the Advertiser noted the State Supreme Court's decision to accept Lafayette's appeal in the Naquin case. That lawsuit has blocked the bond issue necessary to begin building the fiber-optic network the community voted for last year. A summary pulled from the Advocate article:

LUS has asked the Supreme Court to expedite its decision.

“We believe that our bond issuance plan complies with the law, and it is our hope that, after hearing our argument for the project, the justices will agree,” Ottinger said.

Both article mention concern over rising interest rates. The concern is real and one consequence of the incumbent's delaying tactics has been to raise the cost of doing business. But interest rates have recently peaked and few think they are going much higher in the immediate future. We've taken most of the damage we're going to take in that regard. Earlier comments from LUS have indicated that the costs of the technology have fallen (and that it has gotten faster as well) at least partially offsetting the interest rate rise.

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