Friday, November 24, 2006

Cox & the Need for Competition, Without Further Comment

I was going to write a small post based on an email I received from a friend recently. But the text of the email does the job without the need for further comment:
I'm at a client's when it happens, I call tech support, they tell me "big outage", OK. I had gotten my client's Cox bill just in case I was asked for any info and I had tech support transfer me over to sales so I could review their paltry 768/256 plan ($60 for that crappy level of service, not that the DSL business plans are any better).

So I'm talking to this guy Larry and he's blandly telling me the next jump up to 1.25/368 is $100. I say, "You know, things are going to be happening around here and your plans won't look so good." He says, "You're talking about LUS, right?" and I say yes, so he says ...

"We'll be competitive when we have to. We're in this business to make money."


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