Monday, December 04, 2006

Humanity Lobotomy : Net Neutrality

Here's a YouTube video (original link) that is noteworthy for making smart points about net neutrality—and for making them in the style and the medium that is being defended.

Probably the most interesting point is historical: Media, from printing to radio have often started out appearing to be naturally "democratic" media--enabling people who were previously unable to be heard to have a voice. But those media were eventually commercialized and turned into neutered creatures of a few large corporations that had a vested interest in shutting out real controversy. Think Gannett or ABC Radio... The author's point in telling the tale is, of course, that while it is hard to imagine the net looking much like traditional tightly controlled media that the same could have once been said about print media or radio. All it took to change that, particularly for radio was corporate greed and a few compliant legislators.

It's als nice to see the internet medium defended in the style of the net: On an open source, mash-up video. The majority of the video consists of clips repurposed from earlier works and author invites folks to rework his material as well.

Humanity Lobotomy - Second Draft

As Laigniappe: Denizens of Lafayette will take note of the extensive use of Bill Moyer's recent episode focusing on Net Neutrality--the same one which featured Lafayette's fiber fight as one of its key examples.

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