Saturday, December 09, 2006

Query...Cox Outages?

Over the last 5 days to a week I've experienced intermittent outages and slowdowns in my Cox service.

Have you?

Until yesterday evening I thought the issue was local, involving either my connection or my aging modem. But then I talked to Mike, my partner on this site, and discovered that he had the same symptoms: Service just goes dead, or gets so slow that even email downloads may not complete, and then comes back. The outages didn't last for hours but for several days service was all but unusable. All without any discernable cause. (Cox has been up steadily since yestereday evening for me, but I'm not trusting it.)

I've talked to Cox service several times and had a very helpful fella out to adjust line strength. Nothing helped. And no mention was made of wider problems. Both Mike and I live just off the Johnson/Louisiana Corridor no more than a mile or so from ULL.

What has been other's experience over the last week or so?


Nick Istre said...

I'm living near the Broadmoor subdivision (Behind Edgar Martin Middle) and have seen issues with severe slowdowns with the connection in the evenings. Seems to have stabilized a bit, and my parents who live on the other side of the subdivision from me haven't noticed any problems on their Cox connection.

FiberFolk said...

Thanks Nick, is this recent (say over a week or few) or a long-standing problem?

Nick Istre said...

This is recent; only within the past week.