Thursday, January 18, 2007

LUS Fiber: Hurry up and wait

Taylor, over at the Advertiser, notes in the "Around Lafayette" section that the Naquin lawsuit didn't emerge from the high court yesterday when other decisions were handed down. And the city isn't looking for it right away:
City-Parish attorney Pat Ottinger said Wednesday he was not surprised the LUS decision was not handed down Wednesday. He does not expect a decision before the end of January.
Nobody expected any movement before six weeks were up. Since this is the seventh week folks are beginning to watch. With Lafayette successfully asking to submit additional written arguments after the oral arguments closed that time frame might well have been pushed back a bit. Still, the city is eager to hear.

The reason yesterday was significant was that the court plans dates on which to announce it decisions and January 17th was the date for this month. According to the Court's plan for next month the date in February will be the 27th. I don't know if they occasionally announce decisions between the scheduled dates but the next time you can mark your calendar to check for opinions with any assurance that the Court will have spoken will in late February.

Impatience is not the word.

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