Thursday, February 22, 2007

City Attorney Ottinger on the Decision

Congratulations where congratulations are due: Lafayette's legal team pulled this one out for the home team. The unanimity and strength of the court's decision in favor of Lafayette's legal arguments has made it clear that it was the 3rd Circuit, not Lafayette's legal eagles, that were out of the loop.

Here's a relevant extract from Pat Ottinger's press release:

"We are obviously elated by the unanimous decision of the Louisiana Supreme Court. The opinion fully embraces all of the arguments which we have advanced from day one. As we have argued before, most of the arguments were brought too late, but the Court went further than that and held that those arguments, even if considered, were not valid. The Court held that the city’s bond ordinance comported fully with applicable law."

It's a good day for Lafayette! (And a bad day for corporate shysters.)

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