Sunday, February 25, 2007

From the Horses' Mouths

One of the nicer things about the new media/multimedia is that you can relatively easily get to the raw source of some stories--if the reporting medium makes it available you can go directly to the horse's mouth. Sometimes you might even see something that wasn't widely reported--like the idea that now that the fiber battle is settled we might get wireless even before the fiber build is done. (See the Durel video linked to below.)

The Advertiser is haltingly, but more and more consistently offering us sources as well as their version of the story. I've pointed to this in a recent bit about Mardi Gras--there it allowed the reader/user/interpreter (what will we call ourselves?) to construct a sense of what Mardi Gras means to different locals in a way that writing just won't cover.

The fiber story de jour is the Supreme Court decision that cleared the way for the FTTH project to proceed. You can read the Advertiser's articles on it. But you can also look at some of the source material.

Most obviously: They provide access to a pdf copy of the Court's decision. Download, read the thirty pages, and be grateful that you don't have to do it for a living. Digging into the details will allow you access to rare gems. For instance the Chief Justice drops a footnote, number 11, which uses a quote from BellSouth Louisiana president Bill Oliver speaking in USAToday to support the court's contention that the Local Government Fair Competition Act was intended to allow LUS to form a competing business. Judical Snark? Seems so to me. A nugget of humor in tangle of words.

But even more fun, and potentially informing in subtle ways are the short videos of some of the principles take right after the decison was rendered:
Dee Stanley on "putting your money where your mouth is."

Joey Durel...about the decision: "it's a slam dunk" and, of anonymous critics: "their motives are not pure." A short scan of the administrative team giving hugs all around is moving. But the really interesting quote from this interview is: "my guess is that we will probably be wireless before we get fiber; there's a good chance of that." Now that, for many of us, is news- news that didn't make the printed version. Durel had moments earlier acknowledged that wireless is "only as good as the backbone it is attached to" and he claims that a wireless play has been held up by the behavior of "the obstructionists."

Pat "the man" Ottinger..."we are very, very happy."

Terry Huval..."Lafayette won."
There's something about seeing 'em say it. And sometimes you notice something important that didn't get widely reported-- like the news about wireless.

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