Thursday, March 08, 2007

Reminders of the Fiber Forum

Both the Advertiser and the Advocate remind us of the Fiber Forum this afternoon.

Durel and Huval will be in the atrium at city hall this evening at 5:30 to talk to citizens about Lafayette's fiber optic network.

You can expect the session to open up with a road plan for the construction of the network that has the potential to reveal new details about a system whose exact nature has been shrouded by the need to defend the very idea from incumbent opposition. With the right to build the network now secured we can hope for the sorts of details to emerge that could fuel our imagination as to what unique services could be developed.

Both articles talk about LUS wanting input on "services" it could provide over the new network. From the Advocate:
Director Terry Huval has said that LUS is interested in hearing from people the type of services and products they would like to see in an eventual system because those preferences will help LUS decide which technologies to pursue.
The Advertiser expands on this point:
"Our system is going to have a tremendous amount of capacity," he said.

It will be unlike anything ever seen in Lafayette, Huval said.

With that huge amount of capacity goes enormous potential.

An earlier release
by the Advertiser "First Fiber Forum Thursday" (web only) indicated that other forums might be in the offing. Likely that is dependent upon the participation today.

I urge readers to take advantage of this opportunity to participate in the discussion. Come; ask questions about the plan, toss in your own ideas; talk to the guys who are actually in charge. This sort of meeting is part of why we want our own system. Go downtown, pull into the parking lot, stroll into a building you own, and talk the men who will build this system. Put your own ideas on the table--and reasonably expect to get a hearing.
Ask real questions. Get real answers from people who have to answer to you locally.
Try and imagine anything remotely like this happening with Cox or AT&T/BS.

This is why we fought for local control. Now its up to you folks to go down and make use of what you've won. So make a moment after work today to go down to city hall, to watch, and if so moved ask questions and suggest answers.

After all, it's your system.

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