Tuesday, March 06, 2007

WBS: A turning of the tides

What's Being Said Dept.

Wifi Networking thinks changes are afoot:
The municipal broadband scene is seeing a turning of the tides: Oh, yes, Master Shallow, I have heard the chimes at midnight, and it seems that an old way of doing business may be passing away, as incumbents refocus their efforts and state bills are poised to reverse to disable incumbent-benefiting municipal and utility restrictions.
Washington state and Pennsylvania are both considering legislation that would undo incumbent-sponsored legislation that crippled local communities that wanted to roll their own broadband.

And long-suffering Lafayette is finally going to get its chance to build the fiber to the home project it has been planning:
Home of a long-running feud over fiber, Lafayette will start work: The Louisiana town has wanted to roll out its own city-owned fiber-optic network for years and years, and was fought on several fronts by incumbent operators and others. The Lafayette Utilities System received a 7-0 state Supreme Court ruling in its favor to allow it to sell bonds to finance the project. Cox says it already has a state-of-the-art fiber installation and will invest another $500m in the region. In most cases, incumbents rarely upgrade facilities until the threat of municipal competition is invoked. BellSouth also fought the effort. Neither offers fiber-to-the-home (FTTH), which is what Lafayette will build. The utility is rapidly getting its house in order to sell bonds and start building. Some service could start in 18 months.
Everywhere the tide is running against the incumbents.

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