Tuesday, June 26, 2007

"Fiber gives transplant desire to return home"

Buddy Guidry, a Lafayette native working out of New York, declares in a letter in today's Advertiser that Lafayette's fiber to the home network has led him to plan to move home and start a legal services business here.

I hope he, and many like him, do move home. While it's easy to notice big ticket, larger businesses like NuComm
the real value (as I've commented before) will come from small businesses that will be able to afford fast, efficient, high-tech communications services that are currently only available to large businesses. Sez Buddy:
...the one light I see at the end of the tunnel is the fiber-to-the-home initiative. This has given me a desire to move back home to Lafayette and start my own legal services business, which would be less likely to succeed without fiber optics.
How does a legal services firm benefit? I don't know for sure. But that doesn't matter since apparently Buddy Guidry does. And you can bet there his remarks are only a small indication of the value "the little guy" will find in the system once it comes online.

More immediately, Guidry is participating in the new, positive "buzz" about Lafayette...and that buzz is building.

Anecdotally: I was in Baton Rouge to celebrate a marriage recently and the crowd was mostly made up of mutual friends who'd graduated from some of the city's most demanding high schools in the late 80's and early 90's. Like many well-educated Louisianians they'd scattered all over the country. From the groom (living in Tucson) to those who'd stayed (and were doing things like being head of "GIS for the state") the topic of conversation went straight to how "progressive" they'd heard Lafayette was compared to the rest of the state and several said they'd considered moving to Lafayette based on their (vauge) sense that it was a great place to be. Fiber played in, of course, but they also talked about music, a laid-back attitude, food, and cool festivals. That sounded a whole like how my generation, some 15 years earlier had talked about Austin...

Something is going on here and Buddy Guidry's letter is only the tip of the iceberg.

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