Sunday, February 10, 2008

Full Page LUS Fiber Ad

The Sunday morning Advertiser has a full page LUS Fiber ad...the first, but not the last, we'll see.

At left is the page. The blue banner is explanatory—they want folks to know that they'll be seeing "visible signs of progress" because the "crews will be working hard to bring you a fiber-fast, fiber-fantastic network." (Whew!) "And with it , lighting-fast internet speeds an miles of expanded bandwidth. Plus crystal-clear cable TV and telephone service" Now that's somewhat florid language but not inaccurate—we hope. You can get a larger picture by clicking on the one at left.

The pic below is a scan out of the ad... if you click it to get the big picture you should be able to read the ad text yourself. And for local fiberistas it is a lot of fun to read...and reassuring to see list of all the things we've been promised make it into advertising. It's one thing to tell the loyalists what they want to hear and quite another to put into print advertising.

And the advertising is still more conservative than the talk...the promise in print is that the triple play will average 20% less than Cox (and AT&T if it every gets around to offering its cable package.)

The body copy opens with a bit of bragging: Fiber to the Home and Business Technology is the most advanced means to provide what is typically referred to as a 'triple play' of communications services—cable TV, phone, and high speed internet—directly to homes and buisneesses. There are no FTTH systems serving entire commuities in Louisiana and very few in the U.S.

Other bullet points:
  • will serve apartments (Happily for competitors like LUS the FCC is trying to outlaw exclusive apartment contracts—the cable companies are, of course, suing)
  • local programming and stations
  • advanced phone options
  • Video on Demand
  • DVRs--Digital Video Recorders
  • Channel guides

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