Tuesday, March 04, 2008

French & Fiber

The old saw goes: "Play to your strengths." The Advertiser's Bob Moser pens a blip that points to a set of new economy jobs for Lafayette: "Foreign" language call center agents. It's a work-at-home job that routes calls from non-english speakers to bilingual agents. The money, like all call-center money, isn't grand but the job setting can't be beat, especially for shut-ins or stay-at-homes.
Many of Arise's larger clients in retail are expanding their call center contracts to regions of Canada where they sell to French-speaking customers. They've begun rerouting more English and French language customer calls from Canada to bilingual agents in the U.S., said Jared Fletcher, vice president and ACP of admissions and certification at Arise.
The job requirements are fluency in a second language and fast internet connection.

It's no wonder that Arise Virtual Solutions is recruiting in Lafayette--according to the last census a healthy 13% of the city speaks french in the home. And, as readers well know, a really fast net connection—more than sufficient to access reams of data for customer suppor—will soon be both cheaper and faster from LUS.

Fiber and French make a good pairing.

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