Monday, April 07, 2008

TechSouth 2008

TechSouth starts up tomorrow and is Lafayette's premier tech event. If the intersection of new technology and Lafayette interests you, you really should attend.

The usually interesting seminars appear to have been dropped this year in favor of visiting with experts at two "ask the experts" booths on the floor of the exhibition area. Of particular interest will be Geoff Daily of who'll be available to talk about how to "use our new high bandwidth broadband service." Go talk fiber with a national advocate. (He's shown a lot of interest in Lafayette.)

The local players are out in force as exhibitors--you can talk to folks from the three major telecom companies serving up retail in Lafayette (Cox, AT&T & LUS--Cox is the prime sponsor). Other local media (a bit of a surprise) and local tech companies (from Abacus to WOW) will also be in attendance. With LUS having already committed its construction monies the flock of national companies we had been seeing are not in attendance this year.

The website is classy but thin....the floor is where the interest will be. Wander around. Talk to folks.

It is worth your while.

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