Wednesday, January 14, 2009

WBS: "Louisiana city offers 50Mbps fiber for $58"

What's Being Said Dept.

An article reviews the pricing structure for LUS Fiber and, usefully, both briefly reviews the history of the fight and compares the offering to national standards.
Lafayette's fiber comes despite significant opposition to the deal and others like it in the US from cable and DSL providers Cox and AT&T, both of whom have publicly objected and are believed to have quietly funded private lawsuits attempting to thwart the plan for city-wide fiber.

Much of the resistance is believed to come from fears of competition, as the Lafayette Utility System is estimated to cost about 20 percent less per month than the strictly private alternatives but is also as fast as otherwise very expensive services such as Comcast's DOCSIS 3 and Verizon's FIOS, both of which cost at least $140 per month for 50Mbps Internet service alone.
A hint of memory about how hard we had to fight to get this network and the national advantage we've already gained is notably missing from the accounts in local media. One would expect that a review article about the history of the network and the advantages it offers would be forthcoming. Such gracious coverage would surely be seen if the new network were being brought in by an outside corporation who was investing $110 million dollars in a superior infrastructure that promised dramatic savings to the community. Why doing it for ourselves should be less noteworthy is difficult to understand. It's hard not to believe that the incumbents' advertising budgets don't have something to do with the stilted delicacy of local coverage.

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