Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fiber Availability Mailer Appears!!

I'm thrilled to announce that at least one person has gotten his fiber announcement delivered through snail mail: ME!

Thrilled is not really the word. :-)

Look for the distinctive blue (Cyan, or pretty near) that dominates.

After you cut through the tape that holds it closed it'll unfold into a glossy brochure with two pages of inserts detailing the services and pricing offered.

At right are what mine looked like when I threw them down on the dining table to take these pics. Click on them to get a larger version.

The cover turns out to be the "newsflyer" I fell across via Google back in January...


Nick Istre said...

You lucky b..... err... yeah.... Lucky you!


John said...


I wholly agree...Hell, I'm jealous of myself.


Nick Istre said...

Must be a late birthday present for you (if it arrived today). I'm still waiting for my blue envelope.

Though, I wonder if I can sneak in line by calling the number... Hmm...

Raymond Camden said...

Sir... I hate you. ;)

Can you please post more details as they become available? I want to hear anything

John said...


I will post all; be careful what you wish for!

...It's been a long haul. I was away at conference almost a year ago when one of the first crews out (maybe the first crew) hung fiber in our neighborhood. But the final bits didn't go up till about a month ago.