Thursday, February 05, 2009

LUS Fiber announcement

Hey LUS Fiber has launched! We don't know exactly where those blue notification post cards that let the lucky few in the controlled rollout know that they are among the select will go. Nor does the the link in the email bring you to a place where you can find the interim cable line-up—the lack of which was what was holding up the launch. Not splashy, not a high profile celebration style launch...but, hey, we can celebrate on our own.

The eagle has landed. The payoff is here.

LUS Fiber is officially "Open for Business" - providing video, Internet and phone services from our 100% fiber optic network to Lafayette residents. This community-owned infrastructure will offer residents and businesses enhanced television programming, the fastest Internet speeds, and crystal-clear phone services.

The most recent development of our network launch included release of the channel lineup. Additional channels will be released in the near future. Our team has successfully worked with many local and national programmers to negotiate agreements to make these channels available to LUS Fiber subscribers. With this, we are ready to begin offering video, Internet and phone services. Our initial offerings are only the beginning, as more features, channels and services will continue to be added to our network.

Providing services to new customers will be done through a controlled rollout. Residents will receive notification in the mail when LUS Fiber services are available to their home. Once received, customers can call us at 99-FIBER (993-4237) to sign-up for service or visit our Customer Service Center at 705 W. University.

Visit for more information regarding our robust service offerings and competitive pricing. You can also find information on our city-wide build-out plan and sign-up for updates. We look forward to serving Lafayette.

Your LUS Fiber Team

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