Friday, February 06, 2009

Media Roundup: LUS Fiber Launches

All the local media have at least a short reaction to yesterday's surprise evening launch of Lafayette's Fiber To The Home network branded "LUS Fiber." If you'd like to cruise through the regional media outlets, here is the quick click list: The Advertiser, The Advocate, KATC, KLFY.

The Advertiser, while still resolutely refusing to acknowledge that there was anything more than "discussion" involved in the battle to secure Lafayette's network, has a good story laying out the basics and even better (online only) sidebars with a wealth of specific info. The juiciest bits for those hungry for the service might be the hints at how fast the "soft rollout" might pick up. Says Huval:
Beginning today, LUS will begin mailing out notices to customers in the first phase of the controlled rollout to let them know how to sign up for the services.

"What we will do is in the beginning stages, we're going to be putting a smaller number of invitations out there to customers," Huval said. "We want to make sure we continue to learn the process and give them time to make their decisions. As we get more proficient at it, we're going to pick up the pace."

Huval said he expects the number of mailouts to gradually increase in the next month or so, and LUS Fiber should be moving at its maximum pace shortly after that.
Also of note, from the comments section at 9:51 this morning:
Between phone and internet (ATT) and cable( Cox HD/DVR and all digital tiers and HBO/Starz) I am paying $217 per month. The VIP gold package at $199 offers over 10 times faster internet and all the movie channels. There are a few differences, but none that I noticed would affect my viewing. If I changed a few things I'm sure my savings would be much larger, but right now it is a no brainer for me to switch. I can't wait until I get the card in the mail that my street is active. I won't have any problem dumping Cox and ATT (who is now Yahoo internet).
I need to try to figure out a similar comparison for my situation . . . .

The Advocate polls in with its own story and adds a tidbit about the projected wait between ordering service and switching on the new service and how that will change over time:
Huval said interested residents should wait until a card arrives in the mail announcing availability.

He anticipates there will initially be a two-week turnaround from the time a resident calls to when service is connected.

“It will be slow to begin with and then faster as it goes,” Huval said.
The Advocate also posts a rather dry quote from mayor Durel (I'm missing that ol' time testifying):
“This infrastructure will allow Lafayette to continue making great enhancements to our city during a time when many areas are experiencing a slowdown in development,” Lafayette City-Parish President Joey Durel said in a written statement.

“Beyond these initial services, the LUS Fiber infrastructure will favorably position Lafayette for economic development and other opportunities to move our community forward.”
Both KATC and KLFY post short bits to the web without video. I guess the jackrabbit launch left 'em with no time to work up an interesting visual, and B-roll of holes in the ground isn't too visually exciting. To some people. :-)

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