Wednesday, July 21, 2010

LUS Yard Signs

From LUS' Facebook page:

LUS Fiber Congrats to Hugh Mouton, LUS Fiber Customer of the Week! He'll get $50 worth of bill credits for displaying his yard sign. Thank you Mr. Mouton, and all of our LUS Fiber customers!

Now isn't that sign just a great idea! The perfect sentiment, isn't it? And a great way to get friends and neighbors asking about the service. I certainly think so...and thought so back when Pat Ottinger got his service put in. (Tongue planted firmly in cheek.)

I'm not asking anything for my marketing expertise but I do want one of those signs!

PS: But I want one of the second know, the one that includes the website for their fiber-optic service.


Raymond Camden said...

How in the heck does one even get one of those signs?

John said...

According to LUS "signs are available at our Customer Service Centers, which are located at City Hall and at 1875 W. Pinhook, near Kaliste Saloom Road."

Glad to be of help. ;-)