Thursday, April 19, 2012

"ALEC Wants You To Pay 750 Percent More For High-Speed Internet"

What's Being Said Dept.

The Independent puts us on to an article that uses LUS Fiber to illustrate the the malign nature of ALEC. (The American Legislative Exchange Council is a secretive, corporate-funded organization that exists to create model state-level laws that favor corporate interests.) In  "ALEC Wants You To Pay 750 Percent More For High-Speed Internet" ALEC, which has been in both the national and the state news lately, is taken to task for sponsoring state bills that attempt to outlaw new municipal networks or cripple them once the exist. An ALEC bill was the basis of the infamous (un)fair competition act which would have, in its original form, made Lafayette's home-town network impossible to build. ALEC state president, then the (ig)Nobel Ellington (R, Winnsboro), embarrassed himself during debate by repeatedly having to walk away from the podium to confer with lobbyists in order to explain a bill he supposedly "authored." Only a veto threat from the Lafayette native who was then governor, Blanco, altered the bill enough to allow LUS Fiber to launch.

This article is in the way of piling on—ALEC has been pilloried in the national arena for having sponsored a series of "stand your ground" state gun laws that culminated in the Florida death of Trayvon Martin. The corporate-sponsored group has also come under attack for promoting series of laws restricting access to voting which range from shortening the voting day to restrictive voter ID laws. ALEC has responded by disbanding the committee that pushed laws not directly benefiting their corporate sponsors.

Lagniappe: The headline's sensational "750% more for High-Speed Internet" referenced LUS Fiber's advantage over Cox and substantiated the claim by referring back to an article on this site but I couldn't find anything that was very close to that figure in the post. The nearest I could find was price per Mbps for the two companies lowest tier of internet usage—where Cox's price per meg was 8.7 times LUS Fiber's price, or 870%. I'm not sure why the article was so nice on that one....

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