Tuesday, June 12, 2012

AT&T Working to Kill South Carolina Community Broadband - Despite Being Largely Uninterested in Serving Those Customers

What he said dept. 

Karl Bode goes on a tear. Go read it. Worth the screen time.

The part I like best:
Anti-municipal broadband bills are protectionist nonsense crafted by predatory bullies and passed by corrupt political halfwits. It doesn't matter whether you like the idea of community broadband, and indeed there's often much to dislike in implementation -- but regardless of your beliefs -- local infrastructure decisions should be up to the local community, not a disinterested corporate giant half a world away (especially one that has already failed that community on the connectivity front). Those who support these bills support protectionist rules and government erosion of rights while professing to loathe regulation. They also support the very broken government-for-hire corruption they claim to protest.


Anonymous said...

Why can't Lafayette parish get LUS fiber? Was it onlcy city money involved?

John said...

Anonymous person:

LUS Fiber is a "subset" of LUS Utilitiies....it is wholly owned by the city of Lafayette—as dubious as the existence of that city is. Only the city voted on it as a consequence.

I would love for LUS Fiber to offer services in the rest of the parish. I think they'd like it too—as soon as they are secure in their home territory.

There is no legal and very little practical impediment. (They have pole agreements that already get fiber into every corner of the parish as a consequence of providing fiber to all parish schools.) If you want fiber in the parish I suggest that you start agitating for it with your local politicians and _especially_ your local councilmen. Any city or area could entice the entry of LUS Fiber by asking for the utility to come.

Of course, the very first step is to elect parish representatives to the council who ARE NOT hostile to the very existence of Lafayette's Fiber utility. Too many are now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. I wanted LUS fiber when it was first mentioned. I figured it would be a good thing. I live in the parish, though.