Sunday, July 22, 2012

Forbes: If you want cheap, fast Internet, move to Lafayette, La.

In a Forbes article titled Complacent Telcos Deliver Americans Third Rate Broadband Service At High Prices Lafayette's home-grown fiber network gets a nice call-out in the very first sentence:
If you want cheap, fast Internet, move to Lafayette, La., or better yet, Paris. The New America Foundation released on Thursday “The Cost Of Connectivity,” a global study comparing triple-play bundles (broadband, video, voice) in a few dozen cities worldwide. Not surprisingly, it underscores just how badly America lags the world in broadband speeds and prices.
Yup, if you want fast, cheap internet move to Lafayette; and yup, the US doesn't stack up so well in a global study except for the few bright spots like LUS Fiber.

The full study that Forbes cites is, at least in my judgment, not very well constructed but I can't argue with the New America Foundation's conclusions that the US lags badly in broadband services, that the problem is a distinct lack of competition, that the country's poor competitive status is due to policy decisions at the federal and state levels, and, most saliently for Lafayette, that the most obviously remedy would be federal legislation to free any municipality to build their own network.


Theodore Van said...

Fast internet connection in LA...I did not know that. I was looking at a property for sale in spain and was planning to get a house there for vacation purposes. Now that this information has come to my attention, well, another property in LA won't be so bad after all.

abigael barker said...

Good timing! I'm currently looking for a possible house for rent in LA and seeing this post in which it says that they've got fast internet connection, I guess, my problem is solved. I'm doing some home-based part time job so fast access to internet will help me out a lot, also I love surfing the net so this is just the perfect place for me.