Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Community-based projects make broadband Internet access high-speed and affordable

What's Being Said Dept.

Christopher Mitchell and Sasha Meinrath team up on an essay that points to the advantages of community-owned networks in the current day. Lafayette gets her mention, as she tends to do whenever the topic comes up in the national conversation.
In a few short years, Lafayette’s network has resulted in hundreds of new jobs, millions of dollars in aggregate savings for the community, and the economic boost that local college graduates will be able to take advantage of the digital economy without having to leave Cajun Country. 
Local municipal networks are crucial, but they aren't the only way to fix the U.S. broadband problem. Hundreds of other communities get access through cooperatives and other nonprofit approaches.
Given the recent policies of the big incumbent providers in the US, if you want world-class broadband at prices that are at all competitive with prices world-wide the only way to get there is to do it yourself.

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