Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Want Competition? Well...

If you want competition you're not likely to get it from the telephone companies. At least not if you haven't already gotten it. That's pretty much the point of a Gigaom story on the collapse of the telecom alternative:
During April-to-June 2012, AT&T & Verizon lost 94,000 broadband subscribers in total. While they continue to sign up people for fiber and higher speed broadband, they are losing DSL subscribers really fast which is good news for cable broadband companies.
Here's what's happening in a vivid graph—the telcos have lost. Cable is the only man standing. For most of the country competition in wireline broadband is a fading dream:

None of the incumbent telcos are planning on building more fiber to the home anytime soon (the last remaining bastion of competition for cable)...and worse is the fact that they are in the midst of declaring their remaining DSL subscribers dead weight and selling off the lines or outright abandoning them where they are allowed to do so.

Lafayette's LUS Fiber is looking better all the time. At least in our area we see a smidgen of competition.

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