Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Why Communities Should Decide What Telecom Networks They Have - Forbes

Friend o' Lafayette Christopher Mitchell has a piece in today's Forbes ("the capitalist tool) titled: Why Communities Should Decide What Telecom Networks They Have. The title pretty much tells the tale. Chattanooga and Lafayette get starring roles in the story Mitchell tells. One nice pull quote:
Publicly owned networks overwhelmingly help public safety, schools, libraries and other community anchor institutions. While AT&T has been caught overcharging schools for their connections, Lafayette dramatically increased the capacity of school and library broadband connections at nearly the same price AT&T charged for far lower quality services. Lafayette’s network is one of the most advanced in the nation and has attracted hundreds of new jobs while saving millions for the community by keeping prices lower, as documented in our report Broadband at the Speed of Light. In response to Lafayette’s investment, Cox Cable prioritized that community for its upgraded cable network – compounding local benefits.
Give it a read, Mitchell constructs a clean and powerful argument that state legislators ought to hear.

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