Thursday, January 03, 2013

Cities, Schools, Hospitals Seek Faster Broadband -

What's Being Said Dept.

The Wall Street Journal notices that, hey, a lot of cities are satisfied with what the incumbent providers are (or rather aren't) providing; the cities want real broadband for a variety of reasons.

Lafayette gets its own paragraph:
Many schools across the country are experimenting with "bring your own device" and online learning programs that are vastly increasing their bandwidth needs. Audrey Menard, principal of St. Thomas More Catholic High School in Lafayette, La., says that when she found out this fall that LUS Fiber, the city's fiber operator, would soon offer gigabit-speed Internet service, she "almost tackled" the company's leader "in the middle of a Chamber of Commerce meeting" to ask to be his first gigabit customer.
Folks here have been aware of the amazing things St. Thomas More is doing with a gig, but now it's made the national press.

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