Thursday, January 03, 2013

F2C: Freedom to Connect...& Lafayette

Freedom to Connect (F2C) 2013 has been announced for March 4th and 5th in Washington, DC. If you've any interest in cutting edge approaches to communications technology it is pretty much a must-see event. Run by
friend of Lafayette and web legend David Isenberg the conference has popularized phrases like, well, "the freedom to connect" and has regularly been an early, accessible way to peer a little over the horizon on progressive uses of the internet. He's also been very supportive of Lafayette, bringing his conference organizing talent and ability to draw top names to his events to Lafayette for fiberfete in 2010.

This year he's highlighting three areas of interest: open infrastructure, the development of publicly specified set of Internet protocols, and the use of the Internet to promote government of, by and for the people, and to counteract autocratic government power. The speakers he has already garnered commitments from are an impressive list of current actors on each of these stages.

But most interesting to readers of this blog is the fact that Joey Durel and Terry Huval have both agreed to speak as part of the "open infrastructure" strand of the conference. Here's the relevant 'graph from David's announcement:
The first is an open infrastructure owned or controlled by and responsive to the community it serves and whose resources it depends upon. This will be addressed by Joey Durel (Mayor of Lafayette LA), Terry Huval (Director of Lafayette Utilities System), Pat Kennedy (founder, Lit San Leandro), Chris Mitchell (MuniNetworks.Org), James Salter (Atlantic Engineering Group), Catharine Rice (President, SEATOA) and others to be announced.
Beyond Durel and Huval regular readers will likely recognize Chris Mitchell, and may recall James Salter. Mitchell has visited Lafayette, published a case study that featured LUS Fiber, and through his work at muninetworks and its parent organization the Institute for Local Self-Reliance has promoted municipal networks nationwide. Salter's company, Atlantic Engineering, was the lead contractor for Lafayette's fiber build and has served in a similar capacity for many of the other municipal fiber networks.

The conference should be great again this year. Highly recommended.

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