Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Opinion: FCC’s plan for faster Internet is a sign of progress

What's Being Said Dept.

An opinion piece in the LSU Reville takes on the US' abysmal progress toward international internet competitiveness. Here's the take-home message:
In order for the FCC to achieve these new goals, telecommunications companies must look past their immediate shareholder returns and work toward improving the country or competition should be returned to the market in the form of municipal broadband providers, Internet access services that are funded by local governments.
Lafayette’s LUS Fiber is a municipally owned broadband provider that provides ultra-fast speeds at competitive prices. Since the introduction of LUS Fiber, Lafayette has seen a surge in interest from technology-related companies and Cox Communications, one of the city’s main private providers, has slashed its rates for some across the city, according to USA Today.
It is a testament for what fast, affordable services can do for a city in today’s connected age.
If Baton Rouge — a city already teeming with bright, young individuals — can position itself as Louisiana’s gigabit community, then it can potentially open itself up to similar new innovation and investment.
Of course Louisiana already has its gigabit-available city in Lafayette and we're "teeming with bright, young individuals." But we have no objection to Baton Rouge joining us.

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