Monday, March 04, 2013

Terry Huval @ Freedom to Connect 2013

Day one of Freedom To Connect (F2C) is up on livestream. For those from the Lafayette community the highlight of this first day was Terry Huval's presentation on the history-to-date of LUS Fiber and a discussion of the implications and obligations of the public's new system.

F2C, and it's maestro David Isenberg, have always been huge friends of municipal broadband and Lafayette's efforts. Local readers will recall the year that David brought his international entourage to Lafayette in lieu of holding that year's F2C in its traditional DC home. It was an unimaginably good debut on the national and international stage for a fresh local start-up somewhere in swampy south Louisiana and only Isenberg could have pulled it off.

This year continues the municipal broadband tradition and the whole first day of the conference will prove valuable to anyone interested in alternative ways to bring big broadband to US communities. Do take a gander at the lineup; it includes Friend of Lafayette (FoL) Chris Mitchell (who has written extensively on Lafayette's network in the national arena) giving a stirring speech on the central value of local ownership: Local Control. FoL Jim Baller (Lafayette's legal eagle during the fiber fight) also makes an appearance as the moderator of a panel on "Communities and Networks."

Footnote: Joey Durel, who was scheduled to appear, stayed home to tend his wife who was injured in a traffic accident earlier this week. 

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