Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Celebration? LUS Fiber Teases -Updated

LUS Fiber is holding what it is billing as a "celebration" at 3:30 in the atrium at city hall today. They're being coy about just what it is they are celebrating but I do like the idea.

Surely they will brag on the recent audit—it seems unqualifiedly a good report that alone might justify a celebration. But there is also talk about new products, a hint about a gigabit product on the facebook announcement page, and hints that I take to be about wireless networking. And we know, cause it's been promised: we'll get a peek at official subscriber numbers. 

We'll see. And if you've been involved in this fiber thing for awhile you just might want to attend. (I'm going!) Who knows, maybe we'll be surprised.

Update 11:30 5/21/13: A media "reminder" sent out this morning adds the point that Huval will be making a presentation to the council during the president's report. That occurs very early on the agenda so it should start not long after the meeting begins at 5:30. You can watch it on AOC 2 (LUS 3, Cox 15). Alternately, catch streaming live or view the recording at LCG's ustream account.

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