Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Media Roundup: Fiber "Celebration" Coverage

Media coverage of yesterday's events understandably focused on what was actually news rather than the storyline that LUS Fiber was pushing. The headline for LUS Fiber was new evidence of the success of the venture as evidenced by the audit that hit the news last week. The media pulled the LUS Fiber data out of that audit and ran with the story when it came out.

What was new this week was the announcement that the number of customers had gone over 14,000, that LUS Fiber was announcing a gigabit intranet for businesses, that Acadiana Mall was going to get WiFi, and that further WiFi in public places was being vaguely considered. The stories read accordingly:

@ The Advertiser: Claire Taylor at the Advertiser toplined the subscriber numbers—as one might expect a veteran reporter who'd covered fiber issues for nearly a decade. She's also posted a worth-the-watch video of that portion of the press conference.

@ The Advocate: Richard Burgess, a veteran report at the Advocate also focused on subscriber numbers and had the most pointed Huval pull quote: "“The tough years are behind us.”

@ The Independent: The Independent rounds out the initial reactions to the event with a short summary.

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