Monday, June 17, 2013

WiFi Meters: Deafening Silence

The folks from the gas company, Atmos Energy, came around last week and installed a fancy new gas meter. They did a quick efficient job and restarted our one pilot light for us when all was done. Looks just like the old one except for a bulging plastic enclosed meter-reading device that houses both analog dials and a wireless connection.

Now normally that'd not be cause for comment. So what, big deal; right? Agreed...but: It was a huge deal when LUS installed a their new electric meters. Wide media coverage; months of debate and citizen complaint at City-Parish Council meetings—you'd think something more than a meter upgrade that was frankly billed as way to save some money on meter readers and increase the accuracy of readings was at stake. The tin-foil hat gubberment conspiracy crowd turned out in force as did those who claimed to be frantic about the supposed effects of WiFi "radiation." 

All of that was foolishness, of course. But I'm not going to try and argue that point by point here. 

I've waited weeks now for the reaction and the silence is deafening. The single point I want to make is this: Where in the world are all the people who were sure there was something nefarious, evil, and dangerous about wifi meters now? Why aren't they up in arms about Atmos energy who—with no warning, no public comment and not the least evidence of that they take seriously any health or privacy concerns—being pilloried by the righteous, right-wing few? 

UntitledA lot of folks thought that all those complaints were not honest—that they were directed against LUS simply because LUS was not some sacred private provider but a service provided by our own community. 

There's a word for the silence: Hypocrisy.