Wednesday, August 06, 2014

"LUS Fiber inks SEC"

Hey, LUS Fiber has signed up for the new SEC channel. This is actually a big deal; getting the local sports networks is huge deal to a good portion of the subscriber base. A portion that is willing to pay for privilege, incidentally.

LUS Director Huval underlines this point when he says:
"I would like to personally thank the individuals who took the time to let us know how important it was that we carry this channel. We take customer feedback seriously and appreciate the opportunity to better serve the City of Lafayette.”
Even purist tech geeks and gigabit hipsters oughta care: local sports networks are crucial to the survival of smaller independent systems like LUS Fiber and all too often the big guys (AKA: Cox) manage to influence local sports networks to make life difficult for the small guys.

But LUS' LSU sports fiends will be able to get their fix through the hometown network. As a three time graduate of LSU that spent his freshman year in the grungy dorms beneath Tiger Stadium I might even pony up myself.

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