Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Mea Culpa. Mea Maxima Culpa

It's my fault; the whole big thing is my fault.

This blog has been offline for several months; mostly because I got my signals seriously crossed on some minor technical issues between Google's blogger, my web space provider, and my domain name holder. And, yeah, family issues and other civic commitments that seemed to be more pressing at any moment kept me too distracted to see how easy the fix was. It shouldn't have gone on so long.

I apologize.

But I'm back. Lafayette Pro Fiber is back and I've been faithfully plopping story ideas into the hopper as they've come up in my news stream. Those that seem to still be relevant will see new life on these pages.

Watch this space. (Again)

Abjectly yours, John

Update 8/7/14: Ok, the blog went down again and getting it back up seems to have revealed the basic issue...I am no longer so abject: the apparent reason that I've had trouble getting the blog up was that Google scans for disparities in its record of you DNS number (the actual, numerical, address) and if it doesn't match takes down your blog. My webspace provider had forced a move to a new server and so that address had changed. Google gives NO notice to your registered account email, no flag on your control board, no hint in any instructions (and I read several conflicting versions of how to do all this in Google's internally incoherent "help" files) that verification, which takes place implicitly when you first register you personal domain, is ever an issue.  The same settings which worked yesterday suddenly don't work any longer with not only no warning but with no hint that Google has done anything. Since the only changes that happened recently were at the web provider the evidence pointed to them even though the blog stayed up for at least a week after that change. I only found the issue by futzing with settings I knew were right that were buried several levels off this blog's particular account. I successfully changed those correct settings. And only then did I get a follow-up flag that verification had failed. Had I not kept that window open, but closed it immediately upon success I don't believe I'd have ever seen flag. That flag lead to a link, which in turn lead to another link which in turn described an arcane procedure of messing with the TXT field of the domain name provider and goosing Google to force another verification. I did so and after anxious waiting the blog came back...again.

Yes, I'm profoundly irritated.

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