Thursday, September 04, 2014

"DTA adds Wi-Fi for Fall 2014 - IND Media"

LUS Fiber is offering free wifi in the big downtown venues! It will come online for the fall concert series but will really come into its own when the Festival Internaional takes the stage. It would be great to have it spread over the downtown area by the time of festival.

LUS Fiber has had a cache of unused wifi nodes for awhile now. Great to see them being used in a way that will differentiate LUS Fiber from its competitors—this is what a community-owned network should be doing. (I'll also hazard a hope that these publicly available nodes can be used as a basis for a much larger scale wifi network...the telecoms and the cable companies have started to do this and we are much better positioned to do a good job of this than their patchy networks ever will.)

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